English Courses Available



UC Berkeley boasts a range of renowned English courses that cater to both undergraduate and graduate students across various programs. With its dedication to delivering education UC Berkeley offers an extensive curriculum featuring several highly ranked and esteemed English courses.

In this blog post we will delve into some of UC Berkeleys sought after and distinguished English courses, which are widely regarded as the finest in the field of English studies.

ENGLISH R1A;. Composition (4 units)

The ENGLISH R1A course is the part of a two semester series focused on enhancing students critical reading, writing and analytical skills necessary for university level research and writing. Typically this course emphasizes reading assigned texts analyzing them carefully constructing supported arguments formulating evidence based responses and critically evaluating others viewpoints. This course is mandatory for all students at UC Berkeley and holds significant importance in the curriculum, for English majors.

ENGLISH R1B;. Composition (4 units)

The R1B course in English builds upon the skills acquired in the R1A course focusing on critical reading, research and writing abilities. The primary emphasis of this course is on developing structured and persuasively argued essays supported by evidence drawn from primary and secondary sources. Students are also expected to engage with a wide range of academic materials, including primary texts, scholarly articles and research reports. Similar to the R1A course completion of the R1B course is mandatory for all students at UC Berkeley.

Shakespeare (4 units) also known as ENGLISH 45B;

Considered one of the sought after courses offered by the English department Shakespeare attracts students from various academic programs. The objective of this course is to introduce students to William Shakespeares works, with a focus on his plays and their literary and cultural contexts. Throughout the duration of this course students will. Analyze selected plays by Shakespeare while discussing their historical backgrounds. Moreover they will explore how Shakespeares works continue to influence contemporary literature and culture.

Literature of the Romantic Period (4 units) also known as ENGLISH 102;

Offered at a level Literature of the Romantic Period delves into an examination of both literary achievements and historical context, during the Romantic movement.The purpose of this course is to enhance students understanding of the themes, concepts and debates that characterized a period in literature known as the Romantic tradition. This course has gained respect for its thorough analysis and scholarly rigor making it a popular choice among students interested in pursuing an academic career.

Course Title; ENGLISH 251. American Poetry of the Century (4 units)

The American Poetry of the Century course delves deeply into the realm of American poetry from the early 1900s onwards. It provides students with an opportunity to study and analyze the works of American poets like Wallace Stevens, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks. By exploring their creations students gain insight into how these poets shaped both literary and cultural trends during their time. This course is highly recommended for those seeking to explore American literature.


UC Berkeley is renowned for its academic standards, distinguished faculty members and diverse student population. All contributing to an ideal environment for studying English literature.

The English department, at UC Berkeley offers an array of courses that cater to both undergraduate and graduate students. These courses range from reading and composition classes to more advanced ones that delve into specific literary eras or themes.

UC Berkeley offers a range of exceptional English courses and the ones mentioned in this blog post are just a sample. Whether you’re new, to studies or seeking to enhance your understanding in a specific area UC Berkeley’s English courses cater to diverse interests and expertise levels.